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Cricket is one of the traditional sports followed by many people across the globe. Punters always get a wide variety of markers to decide from. One of the most pivotal things before betting on cricket online is the cricket betting strategy. It is especially important if you need help knowing where to start. Diving in without any solid strategy is a surefire way to face loss. This article will outline a few best cricket betting strategy and explain how you can make these strategies work in your favour. 

The best cricket betting strategies for you:

1. Pick the Simple Bets

Choose simple matches like ODI, Test series, etc. ODI matches are excellent for newbies because they will help you to know the match outcome within 24 hours. But only some country championships and test matches may also incorporate the draw. Therefore, make sure you think wisely when wagering online.

2. Bonus bagging strategy

Bonus bagging refers to claiming multiple new customer free bet offers. In most cases, this gives us an extra free bet at 100% of our first deposit – giving us double the chances of winning. To be successful, we need to place sensible bets and remember that with the free bet, we do not get the stake back. This strategy is best used alongside a value strategy. As well as targeting free bets, we can look at other players’ IPL betting offers and see if we can make a profit here too.

For example, if we use the Betway free bet, we get a 2,500 first bet and then a free bet of 2,500 after that. If we find some value, we get two shots at making a profit on the game.

3. Don’t Bet beyond your capacity

Many newbie bettors aim to make fast money. Unfortunately, placing huge stakes from the very beginning can backfire. When you are new to betting, start with small amounts of money. You should also do this when you try a new cricket betting strategy. Learn how cricket betting odds work, and place minimum sum bets. Once you gain confidence in your skills, you can increase your bets. However, do this slowly and gradually. Also, make sure you have enough money left for living costs.

4. Focus on Particular Markets

For cricket punters, there are plenty of cricket markets to bet on. Regardless of how much expert bettor you are, you must have a deep knowledge of all teams, players, leagues, and tournaments available. So, when you transition to professional betting, we recommend you refine your cricket betting strategy by focusing on specific markets.

Following too many markets can drift your focus and can confuse you. It is good to focus on domestic play rather than international tournaments. Only place wagers on areas where you feel you possess some experience or a little bit of know-how.

5. Register on Several Betting Platforms

Today, there are tons of bookmakers popping up daily. However, deposit your money only on reliable betting platforms with a great history. It is because new sites come and go, but trustworthy platforms offer you a superb cricket betting experience online. By building several accounts on your favourite reputed cricket betting websites, you can take benefit of the multitude of sports, markets, bets, odds, and exclusive bonus offers. It helps you to build healthy profits each year.

6. Use Martingale strategy In Cricket Betting

The Martingale strategy for cricket betting will not directly increase your winning chances. Instead, it will cover all your previous losses! The bottom line is that players will have an overall profit. The next best thing about the Martingale betting technique is its excitement, allowing all high rollers to feel the thrill they are chasing.

However, this betting technique is only suitable for some types of punters. If your bankroll cannot survive through more than five consecutive losses, you will not be able to get back and win what you’ve lost. This is why a large budget is a must. Another great thing about this technique is that you will always have choices to play. As long as there are a few cricket games in a week, you can play it out.

7. Take Advantage of Statistics

If you regularly triumph on ODI but do not get desired profits from 20-20 cricket, it is worth taking benefit of cricket statistics and news online. Today, plenty of sites offer free of cost wealth of information associated with cricket betting strategy and statistics for cricket fans. It may include trades, management changes, best players, and more. Stats will let you quickly get into the world of cricket betting. The best tip is to use the off-season to understand the team form, layout of the game, statistics,  and player form relevant to the game.

8. Early wicket strategy

T20 cricket is fast-paced, and not dropping early wickets is key to building a big store. It causes the odds-on matches to overreact if the first wicket falls inside the first five overs. We can quickly back the batting team to win and look to cash out a few balls later when the odds have dropped again.

Ideally, you would use Betfair for this, but it is currently unavailable in Bangladesh, so you have to use another site. The cash-out option is available on all the betting sites we cover and can be utilized for quick trades. This strategy is for the first team batting only and not one for the chasing innings.

9. Look for Less Obvious Matches to Bet On

Build up confidence in your betting-related knowledge and skills. Afterwards, you can place your cricket bets on more diverse options. There are sources of possible profit among less popular cricket markets. Betting odds are higher for matches that are harder to predict. It will give you a chance to win more.

Look through various popular cricket tournaments. For example, try Cricket World Cup betting and get lucky! When you choose such tournaments as the Cricket World Cup, you get a wide range of opportunities to bet.

10. Dogon Cricket Betting Strategy

This betting method aids in the recovery from a losing streak. Following a losing wager, the player raises the bet amount using the Dogon betting formula and bets on a new event. The first win should compensate for the loss, pay out all the money the player put and bring the player to a positive. The player must have solid bankroll and iron endurance skills to apply this strategy successfully.


Being successful with cricket betting, or any sports betting for that matter, is never one hundred per cent guaranteed. If it were, the bookmakers would not exist. If you are looking for a strategy, try trading it on paper first and see if it is profitable before using small stakes. Here are 10 easy but important strategies that literally work as cricket betting strategy.