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One of the fiercest and greatest rivalries in sports history is the one between India and Pakistan in cricket. Each time they compete on the cricket pitch, which is hugely popular in both nations, it transforms into much more than just a sporting contest — it is a clash of feelings of pride and emotion. Today, we will talk about the India vs. Pakistan rivalry in the ODI Cricket World Cup. We will see the ODI stats between the two teams, both overall and in the ODI WCs. So let’s get into it.

The history of India vs. Pakistan – Why it is so popular?

Cricket is one of the most watched and played sports in both countries. But it also brings the intense rivalry between India and Pakistan.

Nowadays, we can’t see the India vs. Pakistan bilateral series due to the political tensions between the two countries. The Indian government won’t allow BCCI to send the cricket team to Pakistan or to play any bilateral series. This is one of the major reasons that India and Pakistan are more than a game. It is an event itself as we haven’t seen India-Pakistan more often.

We will only get to see India-Pakistan games in multi-nation tournaments like WCs, Champions Trophies, Asia Cups, etc. Let’s see the ODI Stats of India vs. Pakistan.

ODI Stats (India vs Pakistan)

India and Pakistan have played 132 ODIs against each other in ODIs. Out of which, Pakistan has won 73 games while India has managed to win 55 games. 4 games ended in no result/tie.

India’s loss of not playing any bilateral series against Pakistan

If we go by the ODI stats, Pakistan is clearly ahead. But that’s not the case in the last two decades or so. India has done well against Pakistan in that period. Due to the diplomatic relations with Pakistan, they only played against them in multi-nation tournaments now. Also, when it comes to ICC ODI World Cups, India hasn’t lost any single game against Pakistan. Let’s see the ODI stats in ODI WCs between India and Pakistan.

India-Pakistan in ICC ODI World Cups:

Till now, India has played 7 ICC ODI WC games against Pakistan. They have won all those clashes till now. Pakistan hasn’t beaten India in ICC ODI WCs. Let’s remember all the India vs. Pakistan ODI WCs matches.

India-Pakistan ODI Stats (All ODI WC games)

(1) 1992

India and Pakistan first played in the ODI WC in 1992. After scoring 216 in the first inning, India bowled Pakistan out for 173. Sachin Tendulkar scored 54 in 62 balls and became the man of the match.

(2) 1996

India again came out victorious in the 1996 WC. With the help of N Sidhu’s 93, India managed to score 287 in the first inning.

V Prasad and Anil Kumble’s 3-fer helped India to win that game by 39 runs. Sidhu becomes the man of the match for his 93.

(3) 1999

India won the 3rd consecutive ODI WC game against Pakistan. Due to the half-centuries from Rahul Dravid and M Azharuddin, India scored 227 in the first inning.

V Prasad ran through Pakistan’s batting and took 5 wickets for just 27 runs. Pakistan bundled out for just 180 and Prasad became the man of the match.

(4) 2003

That was Sachin Tendulkar’s World Cup. He was scoring runs for fun and also scored 98 in 2003 against Pakistan. India, while chasing a target of 274, gets home with 6 wickets and 26 balls left.

Sachin, for his outstanding 98 in the 2nd inning, becomes the player of the match.

(5) 2011

This time the two teams met in the semifinal of the ICC ODI World Cup 2011 in Mohali. On a sluggish wicket, India scored 260 in the first inning. Sachin Tendulkar again was the highest run scorer with 85 off 115 balls.

MS Dhoni used 5 bowlers (Yuvraj, Harbhajan, Nehra, M Patel, and Zaheer) in the 2nd inning and all took 2 wickets each. India won that game by 29 runs.

(6) 2015

That was the year when the ‘Mauka Mauka’ advertisement in India became famous. But Pakistan lost the opportunity (Mauka) in 2015 as well.

Virat Kohli scored a hundred and India won the game by 76 runs.

(7) 2019

The last time they met in ODI WC was in 2019. Rohit Sharma scored 140 in the first inning and India scored 336. Pakistan didn’t even come closer to the target and lost by 89 runs in a rain-affected game.


So these are the ODI stats of India-Pakistan in ODI WCs. We will now again see the two teams playing in ICC WC 2023 on October 15 in Ahmedabad. The two teams will also face each other in Asia Cup 2023 as well.

Will Pakistan beat India for the first time? Or will India continue their dominance in ODI WCs? Comment your predictions below.

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