Virat Kohli vs Rohit Sharma: what the numbers say about their IPL impact

Win-loss ratios as captains to dot-ball percentages as batsmen, here’s how their IPL records stack up

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While Rohit Sharma’s success as Mumbai Indians captain is top of the charts, Virat Kohli is still chasing his first title with Royal Challengers Bangalore  BCCI

Two of the biggest names in Indian cricket, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, are set to face off in opening match of IPL 2021. How do they stack up against each other in terms of IPL batting and captaincy? Here’s the lowdown.

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Captain’s log

Sharma has been a part of a record six victorious campaigns (with Deccan Chargers and Mumbai Indians), including five as Mumbai Indians captain. Under Sharma, Mumbai Indians are the league’s most successful franchise, winning 68 out of 116 matches. However, Sharma’s performance with the bat as captain isn’t exceptional. He averages 30.25 as captain, against 32.91 without the captaincy tag. Kohli is one among four IPL captains with 100-plus caps – he’s the sole one on this list to not win the title.

Kohli’s overall win-loss record as IPL captain isn’t great either. The Royal Challengers have won only 55 out of 125 matches under him. However, as a batsman, there aren’t many that can match Kohli’s consistency and impact. he’s the leading run-getter within the competition and also holds the record for many runs as captain. Kohli’s average as captain of 43.88 is second only to David Warner’s (49.01) among those with 1000-plus runs as captain, and well before his IPL average before he started leading the Royal Challengers (26.96).

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Mumbai Indians are far less hooked in to Sharma the batsman than the Royal Challengers on Kohli. While Sharma has moved himself round the card , Kohli may be a top-order specialist. Only fourfold has he batted outside the highest three for the Royal Challengers, contributing 22.93% of the team’s runs overall.

On the opposite hand, quite 40% of Sharma’s captaincy career has been spent batting outside the highest three. He stuck to the opening spot within the last two seasons, but has not achieved high levels of consistency or volume of runs. However, when he makes significant scores, the probabilities of Mumbai Indians winning are higher: only seven of his 22 fifties as captain have resulted in defeats, and he was Player of the Match on 12 out of the 15 occasions when he scored fifties in wins.


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