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Before the beginning of a cricket match, a coin is tossed to decide which captain gets the chance to select who will bowl first and who will bat first. And just like with most other things in online cricket gambling, you can bet on the outcome of this event! Many people enjoy trying to guess who will win the toss. Even “toss prediction” is a popular search on search engines.

Here we will give you expert tips on other match predictions. However, the cricket coin toss is actually the flipping of a coin to decide which captain will have the right to choose whether his team will start batting or fielding at the start of the match. And naturally, you can bet on the outcome.

What Is the Cricket Toss?

The cricket toss is a time-honoured tradition of this game marked by a coin flip in the air. The visiting captain predicts the coin toss result; and the winning captain gets to choose which of the teams will bat first. The coin toss strategy is also a part of the first Laws of Cricket written by the founders of the present-day Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in 1744. The MCC, popularly known as the Lord’s stadium, has remained the custodian of these laws.

When Does It Take Place?

The coin toss strategy marks the beginning of every cricket match and takes place half an hour before the game begins. Believe it or not, millions of faithful cricket followers consider the toss event; not the first ball of the over, as the commencement of play. No wonder the toss prediction market is the most active betting market worldwide!

Best Toss Prediction Strategy:

As cricket bettors, you must also ensure that your betting strategies cover the element of toss predictions. While the result of who will win the toss today cannot be predicted; you can try and guess what the captain might choose if they win the toss.

You must pay close attention to the toss event as it is essential in deciding the match outcome and because it is one of the top cricket betting markets in terms of popularity and payout potential. A lot of cricket knowledge and quick thinking are needed to strategies how captains may act if they win the toss. Here are some practical tips on how to make cricket coin toss predictions and make the most of your time while betting on this market:

Captain’s call

You can make cricket coin toss predictions by anticipating the general behaviour of captains during their previous toss decisions on the same pitch or against the same team and consequently place your bets. Some captains will always opt to bat or bowl, regardless of the pitch conditions or the opponent’s line-up. You can accordingly make bets on their selection if they win the toss.

Pay attention to the squad sheets

The captains exchange their squad sheets before the toss, where the final team line-up is declared. The team line-up reveals the intent and mindset of the team approaching the game. Factors like the number of spinners, all-rounders, pacers, and who is opening batters are some details on the squad sheet. Experienced bettors use this knowledge to gauge the team’s strategy and, in turn, make their ‘toss prediction for today’s match’ verdict.

Advantages of Winning the Toss:

Winning the coin toss strategy is crucial, as the winning captain can provide his team with a massive advantage before the match starts. Let’s have a look at the facilities. Sometimes it can be tricky to understand the pitch, so the toss-winning captain can choose to bowl first; so they get more time to see how the pitch is actually behaving. When it is sure that the pitch will crack up and deteriorate as the match goes on; the winning captain may choose to bat first so that his batters do not need to bat last on a tricky pitch.

If the pitch is deemed best for batting, the captain will choose to bat first in the hope that his side can rack up a huge total and put a lot of pressure on their opponents. If a team likes to know how many runs they need to win the game; they will consistently bowl first if they win the toss. Furthermore, some teams out there win a lot more when they are chasing a target instead of setting one.

The weather forecast can also have an impact on the decision that the winning captain makes. If the weather forecast is poor and rain is predicted during play, the winning captain will often choose to bowl first; as the DLS method used for rain-affected matches favours the team batting second.

Believe it or not, the team that wins the coin toss increases their chances of winning a test match by around 10% and their chances of winning an ODI by about 4%. It might not seem like a huge difference; but it is an advantage that shouldn’t be taken lightly in professional sports. There is no other sport where the coin toss strategy is so important.

What Is the House Edge in Toss Predictions?

House edge is a term one typically associates with casino gambling, and rightly so. However, it’s familiar to sports betting, albeit not as widely discussed. House edge can be defined as the average profit percentage that the bookmaker earns from a betting market. Take, for example, the toss prediction market, where most bookmakers offer odds of 1.80-1.90.

The most exciting aspect of this market is that the odds for either outcome are the same since it is a similar outcome event. To understand how to calculate the house edge, we assume that the toss prediction market odds are 1.90.

Cricket coin toss prediction is an event purely dependent on luck and has only two outcomes, each with a probability of 50% occurrence. Let’s assume there are an equal number of bets for both results – 100 bets of ৳100 each for heads and 100 bets of ৳100 each for tails. However, the outcome will be either heads or tails. The total bet amount for the toss prediction market comes up to ৳20,000 (৳10,000 for heads and ৳10,000 for tails).

If we consider odds of 1.90, the bookmaker has to pay ৳19,000 against bets of ৳10,000 to the winners; whatever the outcome. Meanwhile, losing bets do not receive anything, and the funds go to the bookmaker. The total inflow of the bookmaker is ৳20,000, while the total outflow is ৳19,000, resulting in a profit of ৳1,000. House edge = Profit/Total bets. Therefore, in this case, the bookmaker has a house edge of 5% in the toss prediction market.

Bottom lines:

While there is no way to form an entirely accurate toss prediction, you can use the results of the coin toss strategy to shape your overall betting strategy for the game ahead. As we mentioned earlier; you can read up on both captains’ past decisions after winning the toss to try and give your toss prediction a specific direction. We recommend you choose value over everything else while placing bets.