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The TNPL 2023 is about to start as Lyca Kovai Kings (LKK) and IDream Tiruppur (IT) will start the proceedings in the tournament. These two teams will play the first game on June 12 at SRN College Cricket Ground. After the success of the Indian Premier League (IPL) over the years, now a few states in India started their own T20 leagues across the country. A few states like Saurashtra, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, etc have their own T20 leagues now. Today, we will talk about Tamil Nadu’s own TNPL and how they are following in the footsteps of IPL.

TNPL is a great platform for young cricketers in Tamil Nadu. They get the opportunity to showcase their talent. Also, they play with some of the great cricketers like R Ashwin, D Karthik, Murli Vijay, etc who played for India. With this, they get the exposure of playing with big names and the competition is also top-notch. The 7th edition of this league (TNPL 2023) also trying to follow in the footsteps of a big tournament like the IPL. Some of the rules and regulations are similar to IPL. And some new rules are also introduced in TNPL 2023. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

Does TNPL 2023 follow the same rules and regulations as IPL?

Round Robin League Stage

The TNPL 2023 has the round-robin league stage, just like the IPL where all the teams played against each other. It’s just that every team will play against each other just once, unlike IPL where a team played against each other two times in a round-robin league stage.

Playoffs criteria

There are 8 teams participating in TNPL 2023. Out of those 8 teams, the top 4 teams will qualify for the playoffs. Just like IPL, where the top 4 teams advanced to the playoffs. Although now there are 10 teams in the IPL. But still, the top 4 teams are allowed to play in the next stage of the tournament.

Two chances for 1st and 2nd team

Just like IPL, the top 2 teams will get one more chance to reach the final of TNPL 2023.

Format of the playoffs

The teams who finished 1st and 2nd in the points table will play Qualifier 1. The 3rd and the 4th team will play the Eliminator.

After that, the winner of the Qualifier 1 will directly play the final of the tournament. And the winner of the Eliminator and the loser of the Qualifier 1 will play the 2nd Qualifier.

Then, the Qualifier 2 winner will play the final against the winner of Qualifier 1. So this is the format of the TNPL 2023 playoffs. It is just like an IPL. The teams who played good cricket in league stages and manages to finish in the top 2 will get the reward for their performance.

Reserve Days for playoffs

Just like IPL, TNPL 2023 also has reserve days for all 4 playoffs game. Last time in 2022, the final of the tournament got washed out due to rain. And Lyca Kovai Kings and Chepauk Super Gillies were declared as joint winners.

Impact Player Rule in TNPL 2023

We will also see the Impact Player Rule in TNPL 2023. After the success in Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy (SMAT) and IPL, TNPL also came with the impact player rule.

The teams are allowed to substitute one player in the team with the outside player (not in the playing XI at first). It will make the tournament more interesting and brings newness to the tournament.

Introduction of DRS for the first time

The DRS technology will also be in use during the TNPL 2023. It will help to get a fair decision and makes the umpire’s life a bit easier. Sometimes the field umpire can’t see all the things on-field. This technology will definitely help both the teams and the umpires.

Although, the teams can not use this technology for the on-field calls on wides and no-balls. In IPL 2023, DRS was also used for wides and no-balls. This will not be the case in TNPL 2023.


So these are some of the rules and regulations which will be imposed in TNPL 2023. Some of them are similar to the IPL. Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) is a big success ever since it started in 2016. Of course, it is not as big as IPL, both in terms of money (revenue and all) and quality, but it is a very good opportunity for domestic as well as international players in Tamil Nadu. Tirunelveli, Salem, Dindigul, and Coimbatore will be the four venues for the TNPL 2023. We will see some of the good players in TNPL 2023. And the quality of cricket will also be good. Are you excited for the TNPL 2023?

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