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The rivalry between India and Pakistan is there to see for everyone. Both teams have a rich history of arch rivalry and both took a lot of pride in playing against each other, giving their 100%. India vs Pakistan is like an event itself and the fans from both side wants their team to win that game at any cost. Players gave their hearts out in this contest and try to go one step further than the opposition. Today, we will talk about India vs Pakistan Head to Head record, records in multi nations tournaments, and see which team is better in cricket. So let’s start.

India-Pakistan Rivalry

Whether it is in Football, Cricket, Hockey, etc, or any other game, India vs Pakistan is always a tense match for the players. But today, we will only focus on cricket.

No India vs Pakistan bilateral series in the last 10 years

Due to political tensions between the two countries, India only has diplomatic relations with Pakistan. For the same reason, the BCCI won’t allow the Indian Team to play a bilateral series against Pakistan, citing government restrictions. The Indian government also won’t allow Indian Cricket Team to play in Pakistan. That’s why in the upcoming Asia Cup, India will play all their games in Sri Lanka (following the hybrid model).

Also, we won’t see that issue resolved anytime soon. Whatever, let’s see India vs Pakistan Head to Head record in cricket.

India vs Pakistan Head-to-Head Record:-

Test Cricket Stats:-

In Test Cricket, India and Pakistan have played 59 matches against each other. Pakistan has an edge over India as they won 12 test matches as compared to India, who won 9. 38 test matches ended in a draw.

The first and last test between India and Pakistan

First India vs Pakistan test series was played in 1952 in India. India won that five-match series by 2-1.

The last series between the two teams was also won by India in 2007 in India. They won the three-match series by 1-0.

ODI Cricket Stats:-

In ODIs as well, Pakistan has won 73 games against India out of 132 they played against each other. Team India managed to win 55 games and 4 matches ended in no result/tie.

The first and last ODI between the two teams

Pakistan hosted the first ever India vs Pakistan ODI series which they won by 2-1 (three-match series).

The last bilateral ODI series between the two teams happened in 2012 in India. Pakistan won that three-match series by 2-1.

T20I Cricket Stats:-

In the T20I format, India is ahead of Pakistan. Both teams played 12 T20Is against each other. India won 9 T20Is and Pakistan has only managed to win 3 T20Is.

In the ICC T20 WC 2007, the group stage India vs Pakistan game ended in a tie. Then India won that game in a bowl out.

Multi Nation Tournament Stats:-

ICC Tournaments:

ICC ODI World Cups

In ICC ODI WCs, India completely dominated Pakistan and won all 7 encounters.

ICC T20I World Cups

In T20I WCs as well, India has won 6 games (one by bowl out) while Pakistan has only managed to win one game (in WC 2021).

Champions Trophies

Pakistan has just won one more game than India in CTs. Out of 5 games, India has won 2 while Pakistan has won 3. Pakistan also won the last CT Final in 2017.

ACC tournaments:

Asia Cup (ODI Format)

In ODI Asia Cups, India has won 7 games while Pakistan has won 5. One game ended with no result.

Asia Cup (T20I Format)

Out of 3 games, India has won two games while Pakistan won for the first time last year (Asia Cup 2022 Super 4s) when Pakistan chased down a target of 182.

Multi-nation tournaments win:

India has won two ICC ODI WCs, one T20I WC, and two Champions Trophy (one shared with Sri Lanka).

On the other hand, Pakistan has won one ICC ODI WC, T20I WC, and a Champions Trophy each.

When it comes to Asia Cups, India has won 7 Asia Cups as compared to Pakistan, which has won 2.

NOTE:- India has also played two WTC Finals as well.

Which Team is better – India or Pakistan?

Indian cricket has done well in the last 2 decades

If we go by the stats, Pakistan has won more games overall against India. But that is not the case in the last 20 years or so. India has done well against Pakistan in that period.

Pakistan also has a new era

Pakistan team also going through a transition and they have a new captain Babar Azam. They will look to replicate the heroics of the old Pakistan team, who used to have some legendary players.


We will now see India vs Pakistan in Asia Cup 2023. Let’s see who does well in that game. Thank you for reading. Keep following us for the latest updates.

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