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One of the best entertainment sources in IPL is the breathtaking catches. In IPL entertainment happens from both ends batting as well as fielding. It is a fact in cricket that whenever the ball goes in the air, it somehow increases the excitement of the people. The results sometimes go beyond expectations as some extraordinary efforts on the boundary line convert sixes into marvelous catches. This season of the game has been a thrilling ride so far, with some amazing on-field moves and impressive catches that seem to defy gravity. It’s been quite a spectacle to watch! As half of the IPL season has passed here, we will look at some of the IPL best catches which have stunned everybody.

IPL Best Catches: Ravindra Jadeja’s Blinder against MI

Ravindra Jadeja is a legendary cricketer who always seems to have a special connection with the ball. He’s a real spark on the field, and it’s amazing how he always manages to be in just the right spot at just the right time – even when he’s not actively looking for the ball.

During a recent match between the Chennai Super Kings and the Mumbai Indians, Jadeja pulled off an incredible catch to dismiss Australian player Cameron Green. It was a nearly impossible catch, but the 34-year-old cricketer made it look easy!

In the 9th over of a recent match, Ravindra Jadeja delivered a straight ball outside off, and Cameron Green hit it straight back toward him. The ball was hit perfectly, and it flew toward Jadeja and the umpire, who both quickly ducked for cover. Despite the difficult situation, Jadeja managed to raise his hands and catch the ball in his right hand. Completing an impressive caught and bowled play. It was a truly remarkable effort!

IPL Best Catches: Sanju Samson’s flying screamer against DC

In a recent match between Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Capitals. Sanju Samson, the Royals’ captain, pulled off one of the most incredible IPL best catches ever seen from a wicketkeeper. It happened on the third ball of the match when Samson quickly reacted to a hit from Delhi Capitals’ Prithvi Shaw and flew to his right to make the catch. The catch was a total stunner and got his team off to a great start by getting rid of Shaw for a duck.

Trent Boult, a left-arm pacer, bowled an away swinger that Prithvi Shaw attempted to play across the line on the on-side. However, Shaw was completely beaten by the delivery, and the ball took the outside edge and flew behind. Initially, Sanju Samson, the wicketkeeper, was caught off guard by Shaw’s movement and was slightly wrong-footed. However, Samson quickly re-adjusted himself and dived to his right with his catching glove wide open. The ball stuck in his glove, and he completed the catch, landing safely. It was an amazing display of skill and athleticism from Samson!

IPL Best Catches: Aman’s Magic to Dismiss Faf du Plessis

Aman Khan of the Delhi Capitals impressed everyone with his exceptional fielding skills. During the match against the Royal Challengers Bangalore. He made a difficult catch look easy when he plucked a stunning catch out of thin air to dismiss Faf du Plessis. The Royal Challengers Bangalore captain.

During the fifth over of the match between Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Faf du Plessis went on the attack against Mitchell Marsh and smashed the ball towards mid-wicket. However, Aman Khan, who was fielding inside the 30-yard circle. Reacted quickly and stretched out to his right to grab the ball with both hands. Although he fumbled the ball initially. He regained his composure and held on to complete the difficult catch on the second attempt.

Markram’s Superman dives to dismiss Ishan and SKY!!

In the ongoing Indian Premier League, Aiden Markram has been one of the most impressive fielders. In a recent match against the Mumbai Indians, he made two amazing catches to dismiss Ishan Kishan and Suryakumar Yadav.

During the Marco Jansen over, Markram first ran almost 30 yards from mid-on to deep mid-wicket and then dived to his right to take an incredible catch to send Ishan back to the pavilion. A couple of balls later, he caught the ball mid-air while diving to his left to dismiss Suryakumar. Markram’s incredible catches have been a delight to watch for cricket fans.


The Indian Premier League 2023 has been a treat for cricket fans with some amazing catches and fielding efforts. Players like Ravindra Jadeja, Sanju Samson, Aman Khan, and Aiden Markram have displayed their acrobatic skills on the field. These brilliant IPL best catches and maneuvers have not only been fun to watch but have also helped their teams. We can expect more such amazing moments as the tournament continues. It’s truly a delight to see these talented cricketers perform at their best.

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