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Indian online games to earn money

Gaming has been a pervasive and enduring aspect of human activity since time immemorial. Prior to the advent of the internet, individuals indulged in traditional forms of recreation such as Ludo, Carrom, cricket, and other games. It is remarkable to observe that the possibility of monetizing such leisurely pursuits through online channels was scarcely imagined during that era.

Numerous online games are accessible to the masses, requiring only a nominal entry fee, yet potentially yielding substantial monetary gains contingent upon the interplay of one’s fortune and cognitive prowess. The focus of our discourse today is on the most preeminent Indian online games that offer participants the opportunity to amass significant monetary remuneration expeditiously. We shall present the top five such games for your consideration.

1. Dream11 Fantasy app Indian Online games

The first one on our list is the people’s favorite Dream11. Dream11 is quite popular among Indians and it’s a fantasy platform that allows users to use their sports skills to earn money. This app allows users to participate in different types of sports like cricket, football, basketball, etc. For people who don’t aware of what Fantasy gaming is then here is a quick guide for them.

In fantasy gaming users forms a team of 11 players in any category of the sport they want for example cricket. With this team, users can participate in the given contest in the app to earn money. The beauty of this app is that anyone one can start with a minimum amount of Rs 100.

Before starting with Dream 11 we would suggest you have some knowledge about the players and the game in which you are participating. Newbies can start with a small amount and after gaining enough experience can invest as much as they want.

2. 8 Ball Pool Indian online games

The game comes with an interesting concept of multiplayer. In this game a user has will be playing against another user. It’s a sort of competition where one will lose and the other will win. That’s what makes the game interesting because if you want to win the money then you have to beat your competitor. This game can give you the feel of carrom as it is almost like carrom.

This app also allows users to participate in multiplayer tournaments for Billiards Crown. Playing the game is very easy if you have played it offline then getting familiar with online controls will be easy for you. The rules of the game are also identical to offline gaming. Like one of the common ways of playing is choosing the ball between stripes and solids. If you pot solids, then you have to pot solids otherwise stripes. The one who pots all his balls first along with the black one will be the winner.

3. PockerBaazi Indian online games

PokerBaazi is India’s famous poker site for playing card games online. This site is offered by Baazi Network private limited. The aforementioned platform affords its patrons a diverse selection of cash games and tournament poker, featuring the popular variants of no-limit hold ’em and pot-limit Omaha. Cash games are accessible in six-max and nine-handed configurations, whereas tournaments encompass a broad spectrum of buy-in levels.

This game uses math, thinking, and planning skills to win. Not all cards are the same, so you need to carefully choose which ones to use to make the best combination and win the game.

In this game, your goal is to make the best possible combination of five cards using two cards you get at the start and some other cards that are shared among all the players. You need to be skilled and strategic to make the strongest combination of cards and win the game.

4. Paytm first games

It is a part of the most popular Indian wallet and UPI transaction app Paytm. It is a part of the most popular Indian wallet and UPI transaction app Paytm. On the platform, users can play many games like Tic Tac Toe, Jumps, Ludo, etc. It has a huge collection of games around 300. Users can also participate in casual games available on this platform like Cut the rope, Badland, Tom & Jerry mouse maze, etc.

If you win a prize worth more than Rs. 10,000, you have to pay taxes on it according to the rules. Also, things you get in the game like coins, cash, gold, gems, diamonds, and points are not real money that you can use outside of the game.

5. Rummy Circle

Rummy Circle is a fun card game with 13 cards that you can play online. It’s the biggest online rummy game in India and it’s made by Ultimate Games. Over 10 million people play it to make some money when they have free time. That’s why it’s becoming more and more popular.

Rummy Circle is a game that belongs to Play Games 24×7. The coolest thing is that they give away big prizes – up to Rs. 4 crores! You can download the game for free and start playing by registering with just Rs. 25.


These games are great to play online and don’t cost a lot of money to start. They can also help you earn money quickly, but you can only win a certain amount each day and month. It’s important to know that you have to pay taxes on any money you earn.

Remember, it’s important to play these games for fun and not just to win money. Also, be careful because playing games online can be addictive.

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