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Are you wondering who could be the favorite TNPL team to win the title in 2023? Then you are in the right place because in this article we will discuss the teams that can win the title this year. For those who are not aware of TNPL, it is a domestic T20 league that takes place every year in India. The league has completed six successful seasons since its inauguration.

As the tournament moves toward the end, so does the excitement of the game. Now there are only a few games left before the fans will find their winner. It’s no doubt that this league has given some decent thrilling moments to fans.  We have seen many thrilling games and some extraordinary efforts in fielding as well as batting. The tournament also represents some of the finest IPL players like Sai Sudarshan and opens a door for players to grab opportunities on bigger platforms.

The 7th season of TNPL is underway and with 4 matches left, the season is almost over. Four teams have qualified for the knockout stage. Now, the first qualifier of TNPL 2023 will take place on July 7. These four teams are Lyca Kovai Kings, Dindigul Dragons, Nellai Royal Kings, and Seichem Madurai Panthers. LKK and DD are the toppers of the table with 12 points in each. NRK is in 3rd place with 8 points and SMP is in 4th place following NRK with 8 points. Let’s now discuss how they proceed to the knockout stage.

Favorite TNPL team who could win the title this season

Let’s first discuss the top two teams LKK and DD. Both teams have played 7 games each and won 6 games out of them and lost one each. They are the strong contenders to win the title but here only one can win it. So, let’s deep dive into the performances of both when they face each other. The two teams had faced each other once in the season and that game was won by LKK. Now these two will face each other in Qualifier 1 and LKK has more chances to win. The winning team will advance to the season’s final, and the losing team will face the winner of the eliminator in the qualifier 2.

In the eliminator, NRK will face SMP on July 8. NRK is in the 3rd position with 8 points where they played 6 games and won 4 out of it. On the other end, SMP is in the 4th position with 8 points where they played 7 games and won 4 out of it. Both teams had faced each other once in the tournament and NRK won in that game. It was an easy win for NRK as they chased down SMP’s low target of 128 by losing only 4 wickets in 13.4 overs. This gives us an idea of ​​what can happen in the Eliminator. NRK’s ​​chances of victory are high and if they win then SMP’s journey will come to an end for this season.


So, if we now think of LKK to be the favorite TNPL team to win the TNPL title for this season. LKK is the only team who defeated DD and SMP this season. But they lost against NRK which means if the final happens between these two. Then winning the title could become difficult for LKK.

The information we shared is based on the analysis we did. However, cricket is a game of uncertainties where anything is possible. It’s not new that people get surprised when results are not according to their will. All four teams are good and did their best to reach the knockout stage and have the potential to win the title. The upcoming Qualifier 1 could be a thrilling game as both teams played throughout the tournament with the same intent. Their performances are identical but when it comes to head-to-head matches LKK has dominance over DD.

On the other end, we cannot forget that DD. Which is two times runner up for two consecutive seasons 2018 and 2019. So, even if they lose in Qualifier 1, they have another chance to reach the final. In Qualifier 2 if they beat the winner of the eliminator then yes, we can see DD playing in the TNPL final for the third time.

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