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MS Dhoni has recently won its 5th IPL title as captain in 2023 with Chennai Super Kings (CSK). CSK beat the last-time winners Gujarat Titans (GT) by 5 wickets in the final to win their 5th IPL title. But despite playing for a Chennai-based franchise in IPL, MS Dhoni is not eligible to play in Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL 2023). We will tell you the reason for this and also discuss the achievement of MS Dhoni for Chennai Super Kings.

MSD’s CSK teammates are playing in TNPL

Despite MS Dhoni’s former CSK teammate R Ashwin playing in TNPL 2023, he is not allowed to play in the tournament. Some of the other players who are a part of CSK are playing in TNPL as well. But due to the new rule of not allowing outstation players in TNPL, MS Dhoni is not eligible to play in TNPL 2023. Let us now explain the outstation player.

Outstation Player rule – Explained:-

A cricketer who is not actively playing domestic cricket for the state where the league is taking place is referred to as an “outstation player.” The player must register with the appropriate state association where the league is being conducted in order to be eligible to participate in that state’s league. The player is given authorization to take part in that state’s league after registering.

For instance, a player who plays for Mumbai, Saurashtra, or any other state in domestic cricket is ineligible to participate in Tamil Nadu’s state league. The same holds true for the opposite.

TNCA decided on this rule in 2018

The Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) decided in 2018 that no outstation players are allowed to play in TNPL. In 2018, a total of 16 outstation players including players like Unmukt Chand, and S Jackson registered for TNPL. But they could not feature in the league because of the outstation player rule.

A player can only take part in the TNPL if he is currently representing the TNCA in domestic cricket, similar to Sandeep Warrier. Sandeep previously played for a different state. However, he is currently participating in TNPL 2023 because he is a TNCA-registered domestic cricket player.

So which state does MS Dhoni belong to? Let’s clear it out.

MS Dhoni’s state representation in domestic cricket?

MS Dhoni, who is from the state of Bihar, has played for the Jharkhand Cricket Association (JCA) in domestic cricket. He is therefore ineligible to participate in the TNPL.

Although he will not be playing domestic cricket anymore as he took retirement from all forms of cricket except for IPL. Will we see MS Dhoni playing for CSK in IPL 2023?

The outstation player rule – Good or Bad?

For MSD fans, they would love to see him playing in this league. But with this rule, it will be an opportunity for the youngsters in Tamil Nadu to showcase their talent on this platform. If TNCA allowed the players from outside, these players’ spots will be filled. So that’s why this rule is worth applying.

Will MS Dhoni play in IPL 2024?

When Harsha Bhogle asked MS Dhoni about his retirement in the post-match presentation, he said he will access his fitness and then take a decision. The CSK captain also said he has 8-9 months to decide before the IPL 2024 auction.

Recently, MS Dhoni underwent minor knee surgery. He was struggling with a knee issue during the IPL 2023. Right now, he is doing rehab at his home in Ranchi. 

MSD’s achievement for CSK

Despite not playing TNPL, MS Dhoni has a strong connection with Chennai. He has won 5 IPL titles for Chennai-based franchise CSK. MS Dhoni won his first IPL title in 2010 and then went on to win in 2011, 2018, 2021, and now in 2023. He also won 2 Champions League titles for Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

With the win in IPL 2023, he equaled the record of winning the most IPL titles as captain with Rohit Sharma. Rohit has won 5 titles for Mumbai Indians in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020.


So that’s the reason why MS Dhoni is ineligible to play in TNPL 2023. People in Tamil Nadu love MSD and admire him. They would love to see him playing in IPL 2024. Even if he doesn’t come out to bat up the order, his presence on the field is enough for the fans.

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