Every country throughout the world has its own favorite sports games. However, it depends on the individual’s preference. Still, there is always one game in which most of the people in a country play. It is not even directly proportional to the one’s national game. For instance, the national sport of Bangladesh is Kabaddi. However, as per the history of cricket in Bangladesh, we can clearly state that cricket is worshiped by the majority of the population of Bangladesh. Not just in Bangladesh, but all over the world, the craze of cricket is not less.

It further became a part of the betting world too. Specifically, betting on BPL is a trend now. The legal form is taking place through apps. Online applications lead to huge income for Bangladesh’s top cricket betting sites.

The very first match of cricket was in England. It was during the 16th century.

Brief History of Bangladesh Cricket

Bangladesh cricket came into existence after pre-independence Bengal but with limited exposure. Slowly they gained associate ICC membership in 1977 participating in ICC trophies. Bangladesh’s first-ever debut for international cricket at the ICC trophy was in 1979. They played their first-ever ODI match against Pakistan in 1986. 1997 was a history-making that Bangladesh cricket fans will never forget. They won their first-ever international trophy, the ICC trophy in 1997.

Let us look into the formats of cricket matches.

Test Cricket

We can say in general, this is the longest format of cricket. The ninety-over game per day goes for 5 days. Yes, that is the time a single test match takes to complete. Unless rain does not allow us to play the match.

Even playing continuously for 90 overs is tiresome for the crickets. So, it has three sessions. Those are morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. Thus, the players can regain their energy by taking a break between those sessions.

One of the main things that even cricket experts say about test matches is, that those are the matches that require the actual game plan. Along with that, patience and strategy are a must.

2000 was the year Bangladesh debuted in test cricket and it was against India. Great news is they won by 9 wickets during that. Again they won a test series against Zimbabwe in 2005. Their notable wins include victories over Australia, England, and India.

One day International Cricket

Now, not all fans of cricket like to stay put for five days. There is another cricket format for them. Those are one-day international cricket matches. In the beginning, the ODI was 120 overs in total, 60 overs for each team. With time, a lot of changes and upgrades took place. And those matches turned into fifty overs for each team. And, the format goes as per that now.

Currently, ODI cricket has certain new technological advances.

Teams play a series of matches too. Those series go for either three, five, or seven matches. And, the most awaited tournament of ODI matches is the World Cup. It takes place every fourth year. And, in the history of Bangladesh Cricket, the year 1986 is not at all possible to forget when they achieved ODI status. Their best performance was reaching to quarterfinal in the Cricket World Cup in 2007.

T20 Cricket

This format is not too old in comparison to the above two. It’s quite a short format, which takes 3 hours for a complete match. It became popular when the Bangladesh Premier League formed. Apart from that, we have the T20 World Cup too. And, there was another memorable moment in the history of cricket in Bangladesh when they gained T20I status in 2006 and to Super 8 in the 2012 T20 ICC world. Bangladesh is currently ranked 8th in ICC T20 rankings.

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Betting and cricket have been going hand to hand since the history of cricket in Bangladesh. In fact, not just in Bangladesh, betting was in every country and every sport. Both legal and illegal wagering was taking place throughout the world. A network with a hierarchy of bookies, punters, and bettors was successfully running. A huge number of bettors were and are from Bangladesh after India despite being illegal. It was like a successful business model running in the history of Bangladesh cricket betting.

Now there are a plethora of online sports betting websites available in the market. Let us go through the top Bangladesh cricket betting sites below.


Jeetwin is also a popular betting site with unique kinds of promotional offers for Bangladeshi players. They give five free spins to new users and they can even win an iPhone and many other exciting rewards. It has live casinos that provide unlimited bonuses for new users along with existing users. They specifically focus on Asian users. Many bonuses and a user-friendly interface make this site to be one of the top betting sites loved by many Bangladeshi players.
You can bet on any sports tournament any time from anywhere from Jeetwin. They organize their tournaments too.


On the top of the list of the top Bangladesh cricket betting sites is Crickex. The site has quite an easy interface. The options are user-friendly. In addition, they give a huge bonus to first-time users. Also, this site gives plenty of bonuses that help new users along with existing users to win more and more. Moreover, the customer support service is both efficient and effective.


Betvisa is one of the top cricket betting sites for Bangladeshi players. The application is recognized for its speedy withdrawals. It has a wide range of installment options and a very simple UI. On Betvisa BDT, customers may access a wide range of online betting services. The platform offers users a better betting experience and quick and simple withdrawals. And secure data services. Additionally, the website provides safe payment options.

4. MostPlay

Now this website deserves to be one of the top cricket betting sites for Bangladesh. With a plethora of casino games, it provides ample sports betting options too. This is different from other websites of the same category but in the context of security-wise, the site is remarkable. It keeps your data intact and confidential. Moreover, the payment system is fast too. You can easily and instantly deposit money by general mediums.

5. BetJili

Through this betting site, you can bet on casino games, slots, international sports events, etc. And most obvious and popular are cricket and football matches to bet on. They provide unlimited bonuses and free rewards for new users along with existing users. Besides, it has a deposit bonus too.

In addition, the modes of financial transactions such as deposit and withdrawal are more than enough in numbers.

How to evaluate Bangladesh’s top cricket betting sites?

As we have discussed above about the best betting websites for Bangladesh. Those are just a few of them. In the history of Bangladesh Cricket, the number of betting sites are uncountable. You can choose from many. But the question is how to choose the best of all. Do not worry about it. There are factors to look for. We are going to discuss as following.

1. License of the operator

The very first thing to look for is whether the betting website has a license or not. If you are going to use an unlicensed betting website. There is a fair chance that you might end up not receiving your winning amount. Or, it will keep on delaying. And, believe me, there are a lot of those kinds of bookmakers. So, just be aware of them.

2. Best odds

Betting odds means the amount you need to bet on to win a certain amount. Different websites have different odds. Some might offer BDT 700 to BDT 1000 or BDT 900 to BDT 1000. So, choose those which give you the maximum benefit.

3. Betting Options

Let’s say you are a fan of cricket betting. Then you must go for the bookmakers who provide you with a wide range of options. Such as selecting players, different teams, and likewise. With some bookmakers, you can even bet on the result of the toss, players with the maximum man of the match, a team that will win the title, the highest scorer, etc.

4. Deposit and Withdrawals

Besides those, deposits and withdrawals are also a key factor. The bookmaker must allow the maximum withdrawal with minimum transaction time.

Best free BPL Cricket Betting Tips

Betting is an integral part of all the formats and tournaments of cricket. However, betting on BPL is the most popular and beneficial. You get the results within three hours of starting the match. Here are a few of the BPL Cricket betting tips that will assist you in winning.

1. Best Betting Site

Betting on BPL requires the best of the website or bookmaker. However, it is difficult to choose from the uncountable number of those websites. But, you can refer to the factors we discussed above and choose one. Keep in mind about checking whether the bookmaker has the license. Also, the withdrawal limit one offers. The bonus and offers are also to be considered. This will give you free money to use for betting.

2. Research about the team

As we know, cricket is unpredictable. But, that is not completely true. By researching the team, players, playing 11, pitch condition, etc.,  you can evaluate the data and get the probability of the match. Thus, this can prove to be the best of the BPL Cricket betting tips. Also, check the performances of the players in the current team from the last matches.  This might help to make betting on BPL easy for you.

3. Do not go for just one betting platform

This is one of the most important as well as useful BPL Cricket betting tips. There are times when different bookmakers are providing odds inverse of each other. Therefore, you can bet on both teams. No matter who wins, you are going to earn.

4. Use head and not heart

Never think as a fan while betting on BPL. Let’s say your favorite player is Shakib Al Hasan but it is clear that his team has very little chance of winning and you want the team to win. But, it doesn’t go as you wish. You need to be in your senses. This will give you a clear indication of where to place a bet. None of the BPL Cricket betting tips will work if you do not use your head while applying it.

How to bet on the BPL?

To bet on the Bangladesh Premier League, you need not be an expert in operating the websites for so. But, you must be aware of the factors affecting the outcomes. Now the things you must know to bet on the BPL are:

1. Rules

It is obvious that if you want to enter the water, you must know the depth. Similarly, one must be aware of all the rules of the BPL. Like, as how many overs can each bowler do, what a powerplay is, total overs to play, what the final lineup up, and many more. You must know all of the rules.

2. Format of the game

Let’s say you are going to bet about the winner of the title. So, you must know the format of the league. Like all the teams in the BPL, which team is going to play against whom, point table, etc. Do not forget to go through the performance of teams in earlier seasons.

3. Total wickets taken

There are multiple betting formats. Some bookmakers allow you to bet on the maximum wicket-taker, during a match or the whole tournament.

4. Coin Toss

As per the pitch, there are times when just the toss gives an idea of which team will win. You can use this info too. But, I must evaluate the pitch data first.

Also, in BPL betting, you can bet on the result of the count too. A lot of punters try luck on that, just for a quick result.

5. Out on zero

Though the game of BPL is full of aggression. There are a high number of ducks in the game. And, if you see that there are players who are not in form. Or, those are getting out easily without scoring in runs. You can bet the odds about the player with the maximum ducks by the end of the Bangladesh Premier League.

Reason for growth on BPL Betting

Growth on BPL betting is at a very high pace. In the contemporary world, the Bangladesh Premier League is saving a lot of time. Besides being the most entertaining format of cricket, it is attracting so many bettors and punters too. Data is telling that during the BPL seasons, cricket betting is enhanced tremendously. This is due to the following reasons:

1. With the large number of matches in BPL, the bettors keep betting to win huge. Also, the number of betting options available in BPL is another reason for the growth of BPL betting. Once someone starts to wage, it keeps doing it either to win more or to cover the losses.

2. Another reason for the growth in BPL betting is its availability on almost all betting websites. The range of bettors did take a sudden rise after the introduction of BPL. Applications like, dream 11 came into existence after this league.

3. As mentioned earlier, cricket is worshiped in Bangladesh. Therefore, BPL betting became popular easily. The younger generation did show a keen interest in this format. And with the understanding of cricket, they let the growth of BPL betting continue. 

4. Now with knowledge of skills, everyone would like to use those to test. Thus with the knowledge of cricket the Bangladeshi’s try to apply it to betting. And, the BPL is the best place to do so. The easy and smaller bets lead to growth in BPL betting. It leads to addiction with most and the wait for the next season starts.


All in all, the game of cricket is an inseparable part of Bangladesh now. The majority people of Bangladesh are fond of cricket. And whenever the Bangladesh cricket team is playing against any of the opponents, the fans are huge in others. Both inside the stadium and outside. The whole nation comes together to watch the game.

Also, at the same pace cricket betting is rising with time. Earlier only a few did so. That too was using the illegal formats. Now, with legal bookmakers, everyone can use this medium of entertainment. The fun and crispness of betting is an attractive thing.

Though, you like to bet, do not forget to keep a check on addictiveness. Excess of everything is bad. Keep a fixed budget while doing so. And, take it merely as a mode of entertainment.

Lastly, thanks a lot to all the readers. Hope you find each part of this content informative and useful. Do not forget us when you are going to win huge.

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