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CRICBAZAR appreciates your preference. The following terms and conditions have been entered (“Terms,” “Terms of Agreement,” and “Terms of Use”). As a result of this agreement, you and Cricbazar (“us,” “we,” “our”) have agreed to terms of service.

Using our website and its facilities is subject to advantages and restrictions explained in this article. Click the “I agree” button. Your duties and advantages have been read and accepted. And, you intend to follow with all laws and legislation.

All laws and regulations relating to online gambling apply to the use of this website. You should avoid proceeding on this platform. But, only if you do not attach to all of these user agreements. As part of our Privacy Policy, we also address this issue.

The terms and conditions of this agreement govern the customer’s access to all sites of said website. As well as direct short-term goods and services available.

Age-Restricted Content

As defined by applicable legislation, our website may contain topics. But, that will not suitable for a young audience under 18. This website is only accessible by users who are at least 18 years old. Moreover, it is the user responsibility to represent and permit that they are 18 years old. Or, older once they visit this page.

Amendments Of Terms And Conditions

As a result of improvements in our service or technologies or changes in relevant legislation. However, we may change or adjust the terms and conditions at any time.

So, as soon as the terms and conditions are updated, they will become effective immediately. According to the most recent edition of the terms of use, the user must adhere to them.

Customers should consult the terms and conditions while joining online gambling. But, only if they wish to view or use the website. The revise date attach at the end of this article will specify the date on which the last revision was made.

Services And Content

Our visitors and subscribers have detail information about all services and resources offered by online gambling. Such as, website reviews, contests, competitions, tournaments, and surveys.

You can change it, erase it, or update it at any time without notification or permission from the user. Except where stated otherwise, photographs, texts, images, figures, logos. Even, other media and proprietary information are govern by the Terms and Conditions.

Additionally, the customer agrees that everything on the website. Even, it includes functions, features, and content. However, it provide ‘AS IS’ and CRICBAZAR cannot held responsible in any way for its use. All of this is made available to consumers solely. Even, as a mean of amusement and enjoyment for non-commercial purposes.

In the case of a mobile device or computer, only one download can be made at a time. It is forbid to circulate, morph, republish, or publicly display any material or service without the permission. Moreover, we reserve the right to deny permission at our discretion.

Content Generated By The Consumer

Text can contribute by our website users under the following terms (“Content,” “Comments”):

  • It is not responsible for the legality, integrity, civility, or appropriateness of user-added content. And, all other duties of the content are the user’s responsibility.
  • The content is maintain entirely by the individual. However, it did not contain any material that is copyright by any person or organization. And, did not authorize the duplication of said material. Also, did not infringe any person or entity’s privacy and/or publicity rights.
  • The website shall have the right to use, duplicate, redistribute and public view. Or, erase any user-generated content posted to online gambling website.
  • Any individual who may access a comment retains the freedom to replicate. Or, redistribute its content at his or her discretion.

References From Outside

It is possible for the website to link directly to other online gambling websites (i.e., connect to them). It is not support, validate, or authorize by, or associate with, these websites. Or, the entity(s) they represent, specifically or indirectly affiliated with, as clearly specified on our website.

Individuals joining external pages from those references do so at their own caution.

Neither we nor any third parties are liable for the contents of any websites link to or of any third parties. Even, this excludes responsibility for acts, goods and/or services offered by such external sites.

Restrictions On Liability

As a result of the user’s contact with or use of the website and its contents. However, its directors, associates, affiliates, or staff are not liable for any actual. Even, unintentional harm to the user or to any third party, including financial losses, data loss or loss of goodwill.